Structure and hollywood formula

Big Hero 6

As an example of a typical 3 act structure arc plot film, Big Hero 6 has it's plot circling around the life of 1 tech savvy boy with an affinity for building robots, Hiro Hamada and his friends and family. The story of the film is kick started by the death of the formers brother Tadashi in a fiery incident a a local science convention however this is not before Tadashi has the chance to introduce Hiro to his friends, colleges and his current project Baymax a medical robot. Later Hiro would learn that the fiery death of his brother was no mere accident but was part of a greater scheme to steal an invention that Hiro had created, nanobots. Using the help of Baymax and Tadashi's friends who would later become Hiro's friends the rag tag group armed themselves and prepared to fight the evil Yokai. When the confrontation of the 2 forces does take place the villains movies are revealed and he is shown to be after the basic revenge plot of a film and as with many of Hollywood's recent big releases the film was left with a partial ending having wrapped up all plots but still leaving our heroes a in a situation where they could go on even more adventuress.


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