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Do not fret if these look too human. This human is the most advanced one of the lot and after its done I'm moving to doing a massive steam bot of some sort. but yeah the overall idea behind this guy is that he worked/ worked with people to do a set task.


  1. You should present your images bigger than this, Tumo - once you've upload the image, click on it and select a bigger size; you draw well, which means your blog should be more impactful - bigger images please! Looking forward to seeing how this character's sophistication sits alongside the rest of your team.

  2. great - much more impactful straight away! Would like to see how/where you're cross-referencing with some visual research - so while these designs represent a stage of tech that we don't have yet, it would be good to see you looking at/researching speculative tech and materials as being talked about now as being 'the future' and then drawing very directly from those 'real world' ideas - so that this tech is as embedded and credible as the 'clockwork' guy etc.


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