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Character art class

Telling the story of a con man who cons the wrong person and meets his untimely yet comedic demise in today's Character design and storyboarding lesson.

initial detective concept art

Art form before the idea was changed.

Struggling to get the scanner to work with scanning my current one

Maya Conta zoom and Car crash

Rope: Film Review

fig. 1

Directed By: Alfred Hitchcock
Starring: James Stewart, Farley Granger, Joan Chandler, John Dall
Year of release: August 23 1948

Alfred Hitchcock's audacious film 'Rope' is a sort of bridge between the worlds of film making and traditional theatre, giving the viewer a sort of interactive play with the camera serving as the viewers body. The film is shot in a way that makes it seem to have no cuts and tells the story of a sadistic murder and the bold dinner party held by the murderers whilst deriving pleasure from the knowledge that their victims body was always just out of sight. All of this to prove their "innate superiority" over "a victim who is inferior to them". (Roger Ebert, 1984)

Fig. 2
The film does well to make the viewer feel as though they were invited to the dinner party being held and is, as Pamela Hutchinson put it "filmed excruciatingly close to real time" (The Guardian, 2012), because after a time one feels not as if they are …

Story Idea - explained fully

My Story

In a dimly lit dentists office two characters awake. The lights of the room flickering. One character 'The Detective' awakes on the dentists chair followed shortly by a second character ' The Dentist', around them a room covered in blood. Behind the dentists chair lay the body of his co-partner and fellow dentist impaled by a rainbow kitty umbrella. They look at each other, their memories still a haze and soon identify odd features about one another that correlate to the room.
1.  'The Detectives' sleeves where covered in blood 2. 'The Dentists' nails where painting in rainbow kitty colors and he also owned a rainbow kitty badge. The two quickly pick up on these things and begin to debate their points in a heated arguments each trying to prove that they are not guilty. The Detective comparing the accessories of The Dentist while the dentist using the physical appearance of The Detective to tie them to the murder.
Using supreme deducing skills T…

OGR - 21/01/2015


Maya: Motion Paths

Like for like: Transformers


the characters from our character classes


Story ideas

1. In a dentists mind he exists as a private detective dealing with really troubled cases and investigating there causes and the effects that they have had on the lives of ordinary people. Essentially he treats correcting teeth and the such as a murder mystery.
  The umbrella feature when a patient walks in and their plate has broken in a special way with one of the wire bent and broken and jutting out downward piercing his tongue and leaving his mouth in a constant open state. 2. In the demon world 2 people wake up in a dentists office with no recollection of how they got their one of them in a dentists robe and the other in an oversized overcoat and fedora and they instinctively try to understand who they are and where they are until they notice and suspicious umbrella that suits none of their tastes and breaks their own theories of who they where.

3. in an underground dentists surgery a vicious murder has occurred leaving 1 of 2 of the dentistries co-owners dead. The remaining den…

Maya - Pitch

Maya - Panning

Maya - Dolly

Maya: MEL Robot

all of the nope :P my Robot animation