Story ideas

1. In a dentists mind he exists as a private detective dealing with really troubled cases and investigating there causes and the effects that they have had on the lives of ordinary people. Essentially he treats correcting teeth and the such as a murder mystery.
  The umbrella feature when a patient walks in and their plate has broken in a special way with one of the wire bent and broken and jutting out downward piercing his tongue and leaving his mouth in a constant open state.
2. In the demon world 2 people wake up in a dentists office with no recollection of how they got their one of them in a dentists robe and the other in an oversized overcoat and fedora and they instinctively try to understand who they are and where they are until they notice and suspicious umbrella that suits none of their tastes and breaks their own theories of who they where.

3. in an underground dentists surgery a vicious murder has occurred leaving 1 of 2 of the dentistries co-owners dead. The remaining dentist calls in the aid of a PI and soon their eyes fall upon a mysterious umbrella that could hold clues towards the culprits identity.


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