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Group Script

Untitled group story

Street view of house,  camera zooms in to house through a window and revealing the interior where and old lady sits,  her back towards us. Camera zoom slows as we pass through her revealing what she is looking at. Camera shows us a photo in the old lady's lap,  a photo that she is looking at affectionately. The photo is of a young boy holding a toy rocket in his backyard.

zoom in to Photo and it begins to animate. The little boy begins to run from the centre of the shot to the right holding the rocket ship in the air in a way that makes it look like it’s flying

Camera zooms in on rocket after two or three seconds of the boy running and stops when the rocket has become in line with the (daytime) moon.

Boy stops running

Camera rotates and shows us the boy is looking at the moon in amazement (face close up) moon is reflected in boys eyes.

Ball hits boy side the face and knocks the boys of of view, gets up and is several years older

voice cries from off screen, “Sorry”.…

Maya: Lip Syncing, Jaw Bounce