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Maya Winter Submission

Maya: Color Maps with bumps and specs

aaaaaand my pc is refusing to render past here. its been 3 hours now trying to render it and im not getting any of the lights. initially it was caused by my settings having changed (dont't know how) but now at the end of the tutorial it refuses to render the final image.
things I've done to try and get the render to work:
closed all background programs
reduced resolution of all textures to 1920 instead the the 4k stated in the tutorial
changed render quality from 2 to 1

currently trying to convert tiff files into .map files
In Maya preferences under render setting set mental ray to be the default renderer and check "use optimised textures(auto/conversion)" box then link it to the location of your textures and click update optinized cache textures now.

Even with the pseudo solution I am unable to render anything near the major light sources of the scene but have been able to shot the wood texture on my crates and beams. after restarting maya twice and reduc…

Maya: Lighting Old Alley


Maya: Render Layers


What if Metropolis: presintation

thumbnail i forgot


Concept to final

Concept art:

test render imported:

 full render imported:

 Final Render:

Apochi WIP

will be done before crit day :)

Key asset a.


Key Asset b.


Maya lighting tutorial part 2


Black Narcissus: Film Review

Directed by: Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell
Staring: Deborah Kerr, Kathleen Byron, Jean Simmons, David Farrar 
Year of Release: 1947

Fig. 1

For this film review I shall be taking a major interest in the color palette and the matte painting.The use of matte painting and the detail within them help to bring life into the world of the travelling nuns often times portraying impossible heights and over the top grandeur in its wide angle landscapes.  Fig. 2 "where once wine flowed and harem ladies cavorted, is a brilliant achievement in color composition."  - The New York Times, 1947The thought of building being built literally on the edge of a cliff evokes a sort of fantastical feeling from the viewer setting us up for the general mood of story of something being just on the edge of possibility with a hint of the fantastical. Fig. 3
The image above serves to display the masterful use of colour throughout the film as the blues and whites shown on the character show the purity and go…

Maya: Complete UV


Maya: Lighting and Rendering: House_1


Maya: Character Lighting and Rendering - Done


Pencil character: Textures and shaders


new composition

hey guy's going off the feedback I got for my last OGR I thought I would change up my composition a little bit, also took some points from Simon on what would really make my city look cool and how to pose the shot.

Maya: UV wip


OGR session 2



Life drawing