OGR session 2


  1. 20/11/2014

    Hi Tumo,

    I don't think Apochi is the kind of place to visit with your grandmother! Okay, so this OGR has the feeling of being a work in progress still and not fully formed or as yet thought through. You admitted yourself you're behind and it shows, simply because your ideas haven't been up and available for a bit of feedback back-and-forth. I very much like the gusto and fearlessness with which you're tackling your artist's very particular preoccupations. That said, I find your concept art as presented here too discordant in terms of its components. I think your 'mushroom houses' are supposed to be phallic, but they don't capture the Freudian menace and fascination of Bourgeois's phalluses; they are too 'The Smurfs' and Disney Toadstool to then reconcile with the other towers in your city, which are much more intimidating. I think too that you're giving too much space over to trees, roads, verges and signage, when surely Bourgeois' city offers more fascinating design challenges? I'd like you to take me into the city, not strand me here on the outskirts next to some fat, funny toadstools...

    I'd also like to see a matte painting without any mountains in them - use the matte painting to extend and enrich the scale of the city - don't spend time drawing me a lovely mountain (no one has asked you to 'design a mountain' after all!).

    Short version: you can do better, Tumo! Show me this city. (I do like the idea however of it being like Sodom and Gormorrah - a punished metropolis!).


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