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Reflective Statement

This year I feel like I truly let myself fully embrace the course. Early on in the year, before it even began really, I swore to myself that this year I would envelop myself in my work, but I didn’t wait for uni to begin to do this. I had spent my entire pre third-year holiday studying and relearning some key software that I wanted to use. I worked at it until I felt that I hadacquired at least some of the skills that I was missing. Coming into this project I wanted to make sure that I was focusing on aspects that I believe were most important to me, those being my character design and modeling. In terms of what I managed to create in my final submission I can honestly say that I am happy with the character that I created however I am not happy with the duration that it took me to create said character part of the delays are to do with my ineptitude with certain software the other was down to some choices that I made myself. That said moving forward I am confident that this first char…

Minor Project Submission


Christmas Break: Models and Textures

Here is part 2 my models and textures.

Pretty much to sum it all down, I made a low poly body model in maya exported it to zbrush where I there spent longer than I should have creating a high poly model brought it back into maya and did my bakes.


Textures and bakes:
all in all bakes came out quite well, there was some artifacting but nothing too major and I cleaned up the areas most affected by it.

Christmas break: Illustrations

Hi everybody! been gone a while so bear with me while I post the work I did over the Christmas break. IM gonna break down my post into 3
part one as drawings and illustrations. part 2 as models and textures, and finally part 3 my minor submission.
Anyway here are illustrations.