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Adaption B: concepts


Adaptation B: Research

After trying to find comments of what it was like working at Walt Disney Studios i came across a Reddit thread about people talking about their trips to the Disney theme parks
Quotes are from various people telling of their worst moments at Disneyland/world theme parks.  

"Not a cast member. Last year, when I walked to Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom when I have to go to the men's washroom, some lady was yelling and swearing at her son for some random reason. She is so super-pissed that the boy almost crap his pants. The mother thinks that he "cried like a little girl". She even had her cigarette on her hand. The people around her had to walk away before she starts yelling and swearing at everybody. So like the people around her, I walk away from her. As I walked away to one of Fantasyland's bathrooms, the boy tried to run away from his mother but she grabbed him." - Reddit 

"I know someone who is now an optometrist who worked for Disney after college. To…


handsome squidward was my man if choice :D

Adaptation B

trying to work around the idea of an alternate Disney timeline and the dark side of an industry.

art withing Adaption A


Adaptation A Submission