Adaptation B: Research

After trying to find comments of what it was like working at Walt Disney Studios i came across a Reddit thread about people talking about their trips to the Disney theme parks
Quotes are from various people telling of their worst moments at Disneyland/world theme parks.  

"Not a cast member. Last year, when I walked to Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom when I have to go to the men's washroom, some lady was yelling and swearing at her son for some random reason. She is so super-pissed that the boy almost crap his pants. The mother thinks that he "cried like a little girl". She even had her cigarette on her hand. The people around her had to walk away before she starts yelling and swearing at everybody. So like the people around her, I walk away from her. As I walked away to one of Fantasyland's bathrooms, the boy tried to run away from his mother but she grabbed him." - Reddit 

"I know someone who is now an optometrist who worked for Disney after college. To preface the story I will say that she spent some time in the US Marines (I do not know the details of this or how it relates to her job at Disney). Anyway she had the honor of being Mickey Mouse. So one day this obviously drunk dude comes up to Mickey Mouse, throws a punch and knocks her to the ground. At this point military training overcame Disney character training and this drunk dude got a mouthful of white-gloved moucy fury. Needless to say childhoods were ruined and Mickey had to find a new job." - Reddit 

"Cinderella in the full wig and makeup, wearing only her costume undergarments and smoking a cigarette back stage. Kinda killed my childhood."

"In 2004 I went to Disneyland with my grandma and uncle. We were in the area where Mickey and his friends' houses were. We were inside Mickey's house, just looking around at all the stuff. There was a door, and it opened, so we went through thinking it was part of the house. Turns out it led to some backstage area where the employees get prepped in their outfits. Just as I turn the corner, Wizard Mickey is putting his head on, and a couple assistants are walking quickly up to me saying "how did you get back here, you're not supposed to be here!" My grandma chimes in saying "the door opened, we walked in!" I didn't listen to what the adults were talking about, as I was having a conversation with Mickey about what his favorite Mickey Mouse cartoon was."

"working attractions on one of the tallest height requirements I've had many parents tell me I'm a vacation-ruiner. I need to put it on my résumé. I had one instance of an Asian man calling me racist (??) and one guy spit in my face."


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