Adaptation A Submission


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  2. The goal of the project was to use graphic design and animation to present information in an engaging and fun way. To do this you should first avoid making a ‘slideshow / powerpoint’ presentation featuring long text explanations and static imagery – Unfortunately your film falls into that trap, it is in essence a static slideshow where the text is doing the job of missing graphic and animation – Generally speaking, there is one image, floating on the screen, with a text explanation. To put this differently, your film is ‘very’ underdeveloped and missing a high degree of content and work. This is a shame given the fun theme and what could have been achieved in the timeframe.

    Tumo, there is too much missing from this project to give you specific advice in this written feedback (we will discuss this in your tutorial) however generally speaking this is not the standard of work expected at this stage of the course (particularly given your abilities). The project is called ‘adaptation PROFESSIONAL practice’ meaning that the way in which you conduct yourself around your work is an assessable component (assessment requirements) - For example, the development, the refinement, and consistency of your work ethic. Therefore, I suggest that you consider this as part of your approach to Part B.


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