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Post Holiday Fun p6 (illustration concepts)

going through a few ideas in my head for illustrative action scene type things trying to figure out best positioning for these characters in this as well. again working with friends to try and make the best looking illustration possible.

Post Holiday Fun p5


Post Holiday fun p4

Honest to god can't choose between them they both look really good.

Creature and Enviro

Also, I forget; I'm kinda the environment artist and creature artist as well which gives me time to practice skills im not too great at as well as flex skill I hardly get to use.


Post handin fun p3 (final designs)

1.                                                                                                       2.

3. (went with this one)   4.                                                                                                                                                                         5.


Post hand in fun p2

So yeah continuing from last post with the feedback I got from a couple friends I created these dudes.

Post handin fun

Doing a fun little post handin project with some friends based on a world of witches. I got fire

Reflective statement

It's been a long three years, and honestly I’m amazed at my accomplishments this year. I know in the minor I said that this was the first time I allowed myself to be consumed by the course but I was wrong this was rather the first time I had allowed myself to be consumed by the subject matter. This is the year that I feel I had managed to truly define my own personal workflow for Maya and 3d modelling as a whole. Often times I look back on the work that I had produced in the previous years and compare it to the here and now and see a massive skill gap almost as if I was no longer the same person. That said even now I feel like there are things that I could improve upon, if I could I wish I’d devoted more time into the design of the 1920s bot as lore wise and gameplay wise I felt it was an awesome concept; however, in my opinion the artwork I had created for it just wasn’t strong enough to fulfil its fantasy and hold my attention, and if it couldn’t hold my attention as the creator…

Major project submission



The 1980s bots isn't included in this update because I'm not completely done with her textures at the moment but I will post them up sometime tomorrow as the most likely date
sting ray (2040)

steam bot (1800s)

dog bot (2000s)

although I'm doing this one in a different style I still didn't want to beyond 2048p for the textures but I am quite happy with the results. Might give him the semblance of a shirt.

alex moore (2040)

Story Artwork

artworks ive been doing 

artwork I did to try flesh out the story and gameplay in my mind.

Model: Alex Moore

So this is an interesting I initially had no plan of doing this but as I was going I wanted to throw my hand at trying to make a AAA games character as well as the ones that I currently had. So I decided on a character that wasn't one of the robots so that they would remain looking unified as a set.

At this point I started playing around with hair but would eventually decide to commit ongoing for the full AAA look and aesthetic

and the hair I settled on.