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Story Artwork

artworks ive been doing 

artwork I did to try flesh out the story and gameplay in my mind.

Model: Alex Moore

So this is an interesting I initially had no plan of doing this but as I was going I wanted to throw my hand at trying to make a AAA games character as well as the ones that I currently had. So I decided on a character that wasn't one of the robots so that they would remain looking unified as a set.

At this point I started playing around with hair but would eventually decide to commit ongoing for the full AAA look and aesthetic

and the hair I settled on.


Model: 1800's

This one broke my usual workflow in that it's the only model hat started in Maya and that I then created the high poly around the low poly 

at this point I was noticing that the arms in my initial illustrations weren't really working well in the 3d space so I had to change them up and decided on a ball joint thing.

And here it is, when I pose it it will have a lean (forward) and a little bit of a squat as well but as it stands this is my bot. 

Model: Sting Ray

As the main opposition that the player would be facing in this fictional game, I felt it would be good to also realize these in 3D as well. Unlike the 2000's dog, this one I started in ZBrush and then went to creating the low poly after. Initially I started it in Maya but quickly ran into problems in ZBrush mainly caused by how thin it was.

also got my maps for this dude out the way.

Model: 2000's

I'mm just gonna say my process on how I work real quick. First I start in Maya by creating a very rudimentary model that captures what I feel is the bare bones shape and feel of the model I want. 

Then I'd move to ZBrush where I'd then spend quite a bit of time creating the high poly model and making sure that everything looks and works the way that I want it too.

From there I'd move to topogun to get my retopology done. I feel that when I create a low poly from a high I'm more easily able to replicate the look of my low 

And then standard UV and textures to come.