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Lead thumbnails 1

Do not fret if these look too human. This human is the most advanced one of the lot and after its done I'm moving to doing a massive steam bot of some sort. but yeah the overall idea behind this guy is that he worked/ worked with people to do a set task.

Update 1.3 Inspirations and references


Product update 1.2

The game as i see it is that the game would focus on 6 different technologies from the past that have been forgotten and re-imagined as throw away robots. each technology would then try to piece together data files that had been recorded by an unknown entity in an effort to gain an understanding on their place in the world and what they can do to prevent being forgotten. To push the story I had envisioned a monster chasing the characters eating at their memories and deleting their history and legacy. As this is seeming like a very large project I would be creating a trailer for it featuring only 3 characters, 1 being of the monster and the other 2 being the playable technologies that push the game forward.

to describe the way in which the story would be told i would imagine it to play like a Heavy Rain-esque game where the story happens from multiple views until they all come together at the end to resolve the massive story.

In essence a human game asking who we are, but using technol…

Mini update 1.1 Potential gameplay and story idea

I couldn't sleep, and was trying to figure out where I was going wrong with my project and why the games I was coming up with felt generic and like a Frankenstein's monster of other games. Then I realized that I was designing the thing by the numbers and that it wasn't something that I truly identified with.

So instead I began to think of myself as a games studio and my project as a product. This means that going forward I might use 'we' instead of 'I' to show the collective influence within the project. As well as to give anyone going along the journey of creating this with me the sense of inclusion.

So, a late night brain storm session ensued where I began to collect all the information given to us and all the ideas pitched at us. We scrapped our previous ideas of an online PvP game and came at it from a fresh perspective and one which I felt could tell us a better and more compelling story. Honestly, nothing was coming to mind and as I was about to slee…

Project Update #1

Thoughts going on around 'Sisters' idea
Further development into reasoning behind initial story.

After a several talks with both Alan and Phil who were not to keen on the idea I shifted gears and began wondering what was good and something that I would want to do and began pushing in a different direction.

Style update attempts

Game design concept for forgotten or similar subject things (mainly research on things that are forgotten and the types of genres I personally am interested in)

Falling off what I wanted to create on this last page and began to default to a pseudo Darksouls/ Evolve-esque game without questioning what and how my game would tackle and represent things that had been forgotten.

Short Story concept v1

The Sisters
Alyce had always loved chilly Mt Exitium with its spinney jagged cliffs, and its constant overcast weather. It was a place where she felt like the world itself had emulated and formed around her emotions. Her skin, was kissed by the seas and shone with the brilliance of the cold grey depths. She wore a ghastly dress dark and brooding melding perfectly into her long solemn black hair. She felt the first drop of the approaching storm gently shatter against her taut skin. A lonely spectre, she stood over looking her vast empire of nothingness, her frightful eye searing across the land, across her land. She reached down to a nearby table, her fingers tensed and pointed as they wrapped themselves round a bronze goblet filled with a whirling blue fluid that made the very air around it sound as though it were to shriek in pain.
The wind began to pick up, a storm was circling overhead, its powerful wind now ready to let loose the torrents of water held within the heavy clouds. A s…

@Phil - Short in bullet form

The Sisters - summary 

 Introduce Alyce is a cold character who cares not for her surroundingShe has forgotten the life she left behindOnly thing the keeps to remind herself is a torn photo of her pastIn comes a new character a woman bathed in the light of the sun who offers Alyce proposal but instead angers AlyceConflictas the conflict dies down and the victor is seen the other half of the photo appears revealing that the two knew each other and where close friendsAlyce realizes her mistake and is able to be forgiven by 'the sun goddess' who then succumbs to her injuriesend of short

Camera Shots I was thinking of: Establishing shot - wide angle  showing the location of the 2 characters Panning shot - interior of mountain. room where Alyce is in. pan around AlyceExtreme closeup - Alyce (shoulder) - showing the moment a drop of rain hit herShot from Alyce's shoulder looking up at her face as her eyes turn to face the windowWide angle - from behind Alyce showing her looking ou…

More zbrush practice

further learning of the carious tools and menus withing Z
brush for the creation of high poly models. things that I've realised is that working in 3d does help with understanding anatomy better.

Upping the High poly

Working on a new model to practice high poly work and to get more accustomed to zbrush layers and groups along with the software tools

Elf Bust

A model i was working on for a little bit.