Short Story concept v1

The Sisters

Alyce had always loved chilly Mt Exitium with its spinney jagged cliffs, and its constant overcast weather. It was a place where she felt like the world itself had emulated and formed around her emotions.
Her skin, was kissed by the seas and shone with the brilliance of the cold grey depths. She wore a ghastly dress dark and brooding melding perfectly into her long solemn black hair. She felt the first drop of the approaching storm gently shatter against her taut skin. A lonely spectre, she stood over looking her vast empire of nothingness, her frightful eye searing across the land, across her land. She reached down to a nearby table, her fingers tensed and pointed as they wrapped themselves round a bronze goblet filled with a whirling blue fluid that made the very air around it sound as though it were to shriek in pain.

The wind began to pick up, a storm was circling overhead, its powerful wind now ready to let loose the torrents of water held within the heavy clouds. A strong gust ran through the room and blew over a near picture frame. The spectral figure leaned over to pick it up and looked deeply into the old photo. It was of her and another in what had been clearly better times. The two of them, arm in arm seemed to have been quite close, at least that is what she could gather. Half the photo had been torn out. The half containing the other girls face. Alyce knew not who the other girl was only that she longed to return to those simpler days. Alyce's hand brushed over the void where once must have been the face of her closest friend, her only friend.

A loud crash hurled itself through the room as the two massive doors that sealed the entrance swung open. This was not the wind, this was deliberate. Then the sound of footsteps began slowly to fill the room as the silhouette of another person came through the door. Alyce’s eyes thinned as she crumpled the photo and pushed it into her pocket.
The figure was that of a woman, one who’s body had been caressed by the sun and loved by the land itself. “What do you want” the wind howled. With the flick of her wrist and eyes filled with fervor the sun goddess pulled her sword out and as gently and effortlessly as the morning dew and lay it down on the ground. A sign of peace. A crack appeared on Alyce’s face and with the ferocity and speed of thunder arcane magics were sent hurtling at the sun goddess.  The talks were done.

The sun goddess managed to evade the initial blast and pick her sword back up before leaping towards the source of the horrific magics. The clash of magic and steel echoed through the land calming the once noisy jungle for and instant before sending it into a panic.
The battle was hard fought neither side giving an inch then a loud clap of thunder followed by silence. Alyce stood over her defeated a cold confident smirk resting comfortably on her face as she raised her magic laden hand to deliver the final blow. When she noticed something. There was something odd sticking out of the chest piece of the sun goddess. The corner of a picture, one that strange yet familiar. Then it hit her. This was her. This was the other person in the picture. This was the other girl she shared that moment with. Alyce’s calm bravado collapsed as quickly as she did. Picking up her former friend warmth and wetness rolled down her cheeks. A tear drop fell upon the sun goddess’ cheek and a smile appeared on her face “You remembered”, she mouthed extending one hand to brush the tears off Alyce’s face. Alyce nodded frantically trying to hold back her tears. A warm smiled was shared between them, something that hadn’t happened in what felt like millennia. Then it faded. It faded with the light of the sun goddess. Then, it rained.


  1. Hey Tumo - okay - can you break this down into a very clear series of bullet points - the mechanics of your story...


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