Product update 1.2

The game as i see it is that the game would focus on 6 different technologies from the past that have been forgotten and re-imagined as throw away robots. each technology would then try to piece together data files that had been recorded by an unknown entity in an effort to gain an understanding on their place in the world and what they can do to prevent being forgotten. To push the story I had envisioned a monster chasing the characters eating at their memories and deleting their history and legacy. As this is seeming like a very large project I would be creating a trailer for it featuring only 3 characters, 1 being of the monster and the other 2 being the playable technologies that push the game forward.

to describe the way in which the story would be told i would imagine it to play like a Heavy Rain-esque game where the story happens from multiple views until they all come together at the end to resolve the massive story.

In essence a human game asking who we are, but using technologies that we have forgotten.



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