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Update 2.2: Modeling phase 1

Gonna ramp out the pace that I do my models don't want this project to exist only in my head.

Update 2.1 : Illustration... sort of

I usually dont share my illustrative process but I think it's going ot take me a while to get these 2 to a point that I'm happy with so rather than dissapear for like a week I'll be posting progression shots of them as I go along. In the image below you can see Fey trying to reactivate the 80's robot which I've decided to call Etty (get it 80, Etty? I'll show myself the door.) 

And below we have a sad moment where Fey gets... neutralised by one of the Rays.

update 1.8 environment and mood


Interim Crit

Update 1.7 : Designing the Monster

A while back I posted the picture above with a comment saying that I didn't like it and that it felt generic. This ultimately lead to me having to get into the final villain's mind and try to understand what were the factors that drove them and why. 
What I got from looking into the main villain themselves is that they value beauty above all even in the look of their defense systems which is what I decided the monsters are.

The robots below are a defense system designed by a person who wanted to showcase the extent of their technological advancements while also keeping their main labs safe. This was achieved by creating something that would leave the viewer in awe at the majesty of the robots while leaving them unthreatened by their appearance.
ElectricRay: Pulses electricity to disable threats. Dispatched most frequently when the threat is human or it is worth retrieving it in one piece.  StingRay:- Unit designed to eliminate all rogue mechs with its hybrid alloy sting. Main…

Update 1.6 Thinking boss

Getting into the bosses head trying to villains head trying to figure out who they are and what they are after. So far what we've got is that they are spoilt and very rich. money and legacy that come from centuries ago.
Things that I want them to treasure are: beauty, appearance, money and above all self.
one thing I want to keep in mind is that to the main majority they are not a villain, they are a person of science who's family and themselves have delivered massive booms in the fields of prosthetics and robotics, think Elon Musk.

Final concept sheets - Heroes - Update1.5

Character: - 2040

Built to express empathy and emotion whilst remaining non human enough to prevent users feeling the uncanny. Original purpose - most likely old age homes and rehabilitation centres.

Character: - 1860

Built as a symbol of progession this bot was designed to show the peopleof 1800's what was to come by creating the first fully automated and mechanised automiton. This bot would feature rudementary skills like Base speech (with propper grannar to suit its clientelle) and enhanced strength to aid with anything its master might require.

Thought process and Concepts: Update 1.4

Thought process
2000's Concepts
1980's Concepts and Thought process

Early gameplay concept (not liking it feels generic going a different route)  This gameplay idea is scrapped because it isn't the vessel that I see as the best to tell the type of narrative that I want from my story. this type of gameplay would also make it fall into the "futuristic fps" trap and I want my game to be more of a thought provoking mystery game 

Character 2: Reference

Steam POWER:

Copper Heatsinks (on a CPU cooler in the example)
Gears from a watch:

Vehicles and Engines: HotRods:

Steam Engines, trains and trucks:


Character 2: Concepts

To preface I'm not that skilled in mechanical engineering but I think we did a good job at trying to create a unique character that can also function whist also having a previous purpose. Please let me know if there are any changes that I can make to push the design forward.

References will follow shortly just have to collect them all...

Art pieces that helped inspire my work 1