Character 2: Concepts

To preface I'm not that skilled in mechanical engineering but I think we did a good job at trying to create a unique character that can also function whist also having a previous purpose. Please let me know if there are any changes that I can make to push the design forward.

References will follow shortly just have to collect them all...


  1. I think you've got a confusion of tech here... all the caterpillar track/hydraulic stuff is at odds with the more 'locomotive and furnace' elements - for me it's the loco and furnace elements that most clearly signal the technology here; the caterpillar tracks feel like they're an age further on to me - I think you need more obvious Victoriana here - but I do like the complete avoidance of 'steam punk' too - your drawings don't seem to riffing on those cliches, which is good. Some more references for you :

    1. Cool thanks Phil will get to updating these with the information you have given. Thanks for noticing the avoidance of steam punk. I did look at it but I chose against it cause I wanted my machinery to look like it could actually function.


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