Final concept sheets - Heroes - Update1.5

Character: - 2040

Built to express empathy and emotion whilst remaining non human enough to prevent users feeling the uncanny. Original purpose - most likely old age homes and rehabilitation centres.

Character: - 1860

Built as a symbol of progession this bot was designed to show the peopleof 1800's what was to come by creating the first fully automated and mechanised automiton. This bot would feature rudementary skills like Base speech (with propper grannar to suit its clientelle) and enhanced strength to aid with anything its master might require.


  1. Number 2 of your character sketches looks cool, i like the colours

  2. Just an observation Tumo but drop the word 'main' from your titles and posts. Just put 'Hero' and 'Character 1' etc. Be more authoritative. They are all 'main' you don't need to say that. It makes your posts sound less professional.


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