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Duel: Film Review

Fig.1  Film name: Duel Directed by: Steven Spielberg  Starring: Dennis Weaver Year of release: 1971
The premise of the film Duel is that of a man who was simply being hunted down by an unknown man in a large truck. On the surface this does not sound like it would become an amazing film but the director, Steven Spielberg, managed to pull the suspense out of such a situation. While watching the film what one can gather that it is truly less of a car chase film and more of a film battling with the changing image of male masculinity as the second wave of feminism was gaining traction the world over many men where feeling that this would change the order of things. This one could believe that the directed even inferred to in the very begging of the film with the radio conversation where a man calls to a help line for assistance and says: "The questions says, 'are you the head of the family?' well quite frankly the day I married that woman that unfortunately I've been marr…

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