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Infographic Script

The Evolution of Censorship

Europe and North America

Over the course of time what has and hasn't been explicit in the major western nations has changed. Between the 14th and 19th century exposed breasts were acceptable while a woman's bared legs, ankles or shoulders were considered risqué. [2]

Meanwhile over in Africa and other Traditional cultures what is often considered to be explicit in their history has seldom ever centered around breasts. [1]

In fact in most of Southern Africa what is mainly covered up and censored are the behinds  often placing large covering to keep them hidden. [1]

Until western influences came over and encouraged them to become more modest in their dress. [1]

Over in East Asia, during the Edo period of japan the shogunate would seize printing blocks or erotic novels among others in order to maintain the 'Traditional' way of life. [1]

Post war with the abdication of the emperor japan chose to 'abolish' censorship of the media witch allowed …

Mudbox Session 2


Infographic: Reasearch

The Evolution of the Explicit.(nudity and sexualization)
World research (in alphabetical order)

Africa: Reed dance (Swaziland), The view on breast around the continent. The evolving view on the obscenities depicted in modern entertainment ie. sexual content

Asia: There is hyper sexualization of large breasts in most forms of media in the east, how that has changed there perceptions on them and the censorship they have around other parts of the body.

The Middle East: How the conservation of their traditional views on what is proper or improper may lead to the determent of women's and ultimately men's rights in the region

North America: View and perception of breasts and general nudity across the states, and how many are unable to view nudity, particularly breast in a non sexual manner due to the pornification depicted in the media
Europe: Like North America in many ways, things like breastfeeding in public are still frowned upon due to the rampant pornification however as with

Adaptation B: Initial Ideas

I plan on adapting the book Staked by J F Lewis. It's a vampire novel and usually that would turn me off from it but the way in which the vampires are portrayed in it has always drawn me into the series. Above are some quick sketches i drew up as i was remembering the characters in the book before i began to re-read it.

Adaptation A: Infographic

The Evolution of the explicit and censorship (working on title)

Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication or other information which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, media outlets, authorities or other groups or institutions.

Culture and how beliefs and traditions have shaped the way that many perceive what should and shouldn't be censored.

History of how these cultural beliefs have been changed and how they are being changed by modern ideologies.

Modern Movements and how they want to combat these methods of censoring and the type of media they are censoring.

film review list

Mad Max review

This petrol guzzling, action packed high octane Ozsploitation film directed by George Miller exploits what it means to be a man in modern western society. The film which takes place in the post apocalyptic Australian outback is the perfect example of an exploitation film. Praying on on the known want and like of the male demographic that they were aiming for. Set in a world where water has become and incredibly rare resource even having wars fought over it, Mad Max for all intents and purposes presents itself as a boys night out, with scenes indicative of a wild night out with 'the lads'. Even in its opening scene the film starts like what you'd expect if men lived in a world without women which is what the film is presented as for its vast majority. Big cars with even bigger engines, loud voices and even louder noises the road scenes of this film where a motor heads fantasy. Each car in the film was like its own character as well, most of them would reflect the personali…

Maya Tutorials 1-9


Adaptation Film review

Avengers Age of Ultron

adapted from the 2013 graphic novel of the same name, Avengers Age of Ultron was the story of a super powered sentient android by the name of Ultron. Although a great film that was a smash hit at the box office the movie omitted and changed a lot of details from the original text. Within the original text the name sake of both the book and the film Ultron, was barely in in the text, appearing only in the final issue preferring rather to send it his bots to fight all his enemies. However within the film Ultron get's a heap of screen time becoming one of Marvel Cinematic Universes most iconic villains with his witty remarks sharp tongue and dry humor, along with his many beautifully animated forms, bots and moves. This change was a welcome one as it allowed us to better see our villain and to truly get an understanding of what drives him. The film also changed the number of heroes involved in the film, with the graphic novel involving several other heroes inc…

Structure and hollywood formula

Big Hero 6

As an example of a typical 3 act structure arc plot film, Big Hero 6 has it's plot circling around the life of 1 tech savvy boy with an affinity for building robots, Hiro Hamada and his friends and family. The story of the film is kick started by the death of the formers brother Tadashi in a fiery incident a a local science convention however this is not before Tadashi has the chance to introduce Hiro to his friends, colleges and his current project Baymax a medical robot. Later Hiro would learn that the fiery death of his brother was no mere accident but was part of a greater scheme to steal an invention that Hiro had created, nanobots. Using the help of Baymax and Tadashi's friends who would later become Hiro's friends the rag tag group armed themselves and prepared to fight the evil Yokai. When the confrontation of the 2 forces does take place the villains movies are revealed and he is shown to be after the basic revenge plot of a film and as with many of Ho…

Archetypes: Reveiw

Hero : Leonidas, the main hero of the story and King of Sparta
Shadow: Xexes I. King of the encroachingPersian force.
Herald:  Delios, one of Leonidas' best soldiers and friends wounded in the battle and sent home to recount their tale.
Threshold Guardian : Persian Messenger.  The one who warns us of the incoming threat.
Trickster: Ephialtes, a Spartan cripple longing to joining the military ranks but unable to due to his deformity he would later defect to the invading Persian force.
Mentor: Quenn Gorgo. Leonidas' wife and to an extent coach telling him what he needed to hear when he needed to hear it and backing up his decisions.
Allies: the army of 300, the finest most trustworthy men Leonidas could gather so fine in fact that Leonidas wanted to ensure that they all had children so that their linage would continue.
Mother:  Leonidas' Mother
Father :  Leonidas' Father
Child : PleistarchusMaiden : Queen Gorgo

Star wars Force Unleashed Review - Character and Hollywood (non spoiler)

Kylo and Finn

In this review this review I shall be comparing the characters of Finn and Kylo Ren as opposing characters in their given universe. Early on in the film we are introduced to the character of Finn a storm trooper who had managed to break his conditioning from the First Order (the new replacement for The Empire). His character is one who wasn't born into the world of being a storm trooper but was rather taken  at an early age and brainwashed into becoming one, however on his first combat mission to the planet of Jakku who was unable to do what he was trained to do and managed to break the conditioning of the first order by refusing to partake in the slaughter of civilians. At this point we could see the first time that an outside force was truly affecting his thinking about what was right or not as later in the film we are told that he was an 'incident free' soldier. It is also at this point that the thoughts of leaving the order begin to flood his mind as wel…

Adaptation Pitch

The evolution of:
1. jokes 2. alcohol 3. games 4. the manatee 5. sport 6. courting (lol from romeo and juliet to netflix and chill)  7. social networking 8.  comics 9. what is and isn't explicit 10. stupidity

Character Crit

Character project WIP and finals

early designs for the tank, marksman and rogue characters