Star wars Force Unleashed Review - Character and Hollywood (non spoiler)

Kylo and Finn

In this review this review I shall be comparing the characters of Finn and Kylo Ren as opposing characters in their given universe. Early on in the film we are introduced to the character of Finn a storm trooper who had managed to break his conditioning from the First Order (the new replacement for The Empire). His character is one who wasn't born into the world of being a storm trooper but was rather taken  at an early age and brainwashed into becoming one, however on his first combat mission to the planet of Jakku who was unable to do what he was trained to do and managed to break the conditioning of the first order by refusing to partake in the slaughter of civilians. At this point we could see the first time that an outside force was truly affecting his thinking about what was right or not as later in the film we are told that he was an 'incident free' soldier. It is also at this point that the thoughts of leaving the order begin to flood his mind as well as the fear of what that could mean to his life. Finn as a character is one filled with fear and doubt as the world he knew, the world he thought he knew had been taken from him in one instant. Throughout the film we see Finn combat his own personal fears and apprehensions even though his gut feeling was to run. His character was one that needed strong reassurance and above all people he could trust, especially those worth fighting for.
In contrast, as the  other fractured character in the story and arguably Finn's opposite Kylo Ren is shown to us as a turned Jedi, who is battling with his own inner self as he tries to remain one with the dark side of the force. Unlike Finn, Ren most likely had a peaceful child  being trained to be a Jedi from a young age, Ren would later find power in the dark side. Ren would later feel a longing to become as great as the fallen Sith Lord Darth Vader but would constantly feel like he was never truly measuring up to the legend of the fallen Darth. Often his impatience would lead often anger driven decisions and would make his true battle effectiveness less spectacular than that of previous Sith's like Darth Maul, who would fight in an almost meditative state. The only thing that he truly wanted throughout the entire 7th episode was to be free of his past and to live only for the dark side. Even from a design perspective one can see the fractured nature of his soul, unlike Vader's clean outwardly appearance Ren was scared, this was shown not only on his battle worn mask but also in his light saber, as a light saber is the truest representation of the Jedi/Sith who created it. While for most the blade is stable and concentrated Ren's was unbalanced, unstable a filled with uncontrolled power and in a way that was truly the best way to describe Ren.


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