Infographic: Reasearch

The Evolution of the Explicit.(nudity and sexualization)

World research (in alphabetical order)

Africa: Reed dance (Swaziland), The view on breast around the continent. The evolving view on the obscenities depicted in modern entertainment ie. sexual content

Asia: There is hyper sexualization of large breasts in most forms of media in the east, how that has changed there perceptions on them and the censorship they have around other parts of the body.

The Middle East: How the conservation of their traditional views on what is proper or improper may lead to the determent of women's and ultimately men's rights in the region

North America: View and perception of breasts and general nudity across the states, and how many are unable to view nudity, particularly breast in a non sexual manner due to the pornification depicted in the media
Europe: Like North America in many ways, things like breastfeeding in public are still frowned upon due to the rampant pornification however as with

Brazil: Brazilian carnival, and how sexuality has formed itself as a part of Brazilian culture. 


Free the Nipple
Film Ratings Boards (MPAA, BBFC and others)


  • femenism - in brief just to talk about the core concepts 


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