Mad Max review

This petrol guzzling, action packed high octane Ozsploitation film directed by George Miller exploits what it means to be a man in modern western society. The film which takes place in the post apocalyptic Australian outback is the perfect example of an exploitation film. Praying on on the known want and like of the male demographic that they were aiming for. Set in a world where water has become and incredibly rare resource even having wars fought over it, Mad Max for all intents and purposes presents itself as a boys night out, with scenes indicative of a wild night out with 'the lads'. Even in its opening scene the film starts like what you'd expect if men lived in a world without women which is what the film is presented as for its vast majority. Big cars with even bigger engines, loud voices and even louder noises the road scenes of this film where a motor heads fantasy. Each car in the film was like its own character as well, most of them would reflect the personality of their owners and many of them featured wild and exotic modification to add more personality to each vehicle. Even the chase scene in the film featured a moving stage equipped with massive speakers while playing a fire breathing electric guitar. even the women portrayed in the film are shown as near goddesses in comparison to the men all the women except for Furiossa who is portrayed as a the stereotypical tom boy girl who understands all the manly things and exhibits very few outwardly 'feminine' emotions. Guns, this film had all manner of guns creating all manner of loud noises and all types of destruction these where not simple tools of destruction in the film for when they had an explosion in the  film it was portrayed to us as a work of art in that classic men will destroy fashion. The film does well to exploit all these things about itself and is very successful in using its exploitation .


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