Archetypes: Reveiw

Hero : Leonidas, the main hero of the story and King of Sparta
Shadow: Xexes I. King of the encroaching Persian force.
Herald:  Delios, one of Leonidas' best soldiers and friends wounded in the battle and sent home to recount their tale.
Threshold Guardian : Persian Messenger.  The one who warns us of the incoming threat.
Trickster: Ephialtes, a Spartan cripple longing to joining the military ranks but unable to due to his deformity he would later defect to the invading Persian force.
Mentor: Quenn Gorgo. Leonidas' wife and to an extent coach telling him what he needed to hear when he needed to hear it and backing up his decisions.
Allies: the army of 300, the finest most trustworthy men Leonidas could gather so fine in fact that Leonidas wanted to ensure that they all had children so that their linage would continue.
Mother:  Leonidas' Mother
Father :  Leonidas' Father
Child : PleistarchusMaiden : Queen Gorgo


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