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The Evolution of Censorship

Europe and North America

Over the course of time what has and hasn't been explicit in the major western nations has changed. Between the 14th and 19th century exposed breasts were acceptable while a woman's bared legs, ankles or shoulders were considered risqué. [2]

Meanwhile over in Africa and other Traditional cultures what is often considered to be explicit in their history has seldom ever centered around breasts. [1]

In fact in most of Southern Africa what is mainly covered up and censored are the behinds  often placing large covering to keep them hidden. [1]

Until western influences came over and encouraged them to become more modest in their dress. [1]

Over in East Asia, during the Edo period of japan the shogunate would seize printing blocks or erotic novels among others in order to maintain the 'Traditional' way of life. [1]

Post war with the abdication of the emperor japan chose to 'abolish' censorship of the media witch allowed for erotic material to again be able to circulate. [1]

However this was not true abolishment as act considered 'indecent' where still censored using digital pixalization which is why in many adult films over anything deemed indecent its viewed pixilated. [1/2]
Breasts however where not seen as indecent which lead to Japanese love of large breasts most notable in anime. [1]

Are views changing?
With thanks to third wave feminism the views of many in the west are changing to the perception of womens bodies, and nudity as a whole is become more understood. [2]

Today however we still have censorship in many films where the act of revealing a female nipple can ramp up the age restriction to a 16 or a Teen in the case of video games [1]


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