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Avengers Age of Ultron

adapted from the 2013 graphic novel of the same name, Avengers Age of Ultron was the story of a super powered sentient android by the name of Ultron. Although a great film that was a smash hit at the box office the movie omitted and changed a lot of details from the original text. Within the original text the name sake of both the book and the film Ultron, was barely in in the text, appearing only in the final issue preferring rather to send it his bots to fight all his enemies. However within the film Ultron get's a heap of screen time becoming one of Marvel Cinematic Universes most iconic villains with his witty remarks sharp tongue and dry humor, along with his many beautifully animated forms, bots and moves. This change was a welcome one as it allowed us to better see our villain and to truly get an understanding of what drives him. The film also changed the number of heroes involved in the film, with the graphic novel involving several other heroes including wolverine and spiderman. This change wasn't all bad though. The change allowed for a more linear and coherent story telling experience and allowed us to gain further understanding of our heroes bonds and motivations this cutting back of characters also helped us the viewers explore the dynamics of this rag tag crew of very dissimilar people. The changes that the film did to the source material have me believing that the film gave us the better rendition of the Age of Ultron story choosing rather to focus on the story and giving us an understanding of the characters.


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