Despina 2

Thumbnails for Despina the city of land and sea


  1. Like no 1 - evocative without being literal.

  2. Your classmate, Dan Reason has a new blog url after some tech gremlins messed with his original - please add him to your reading list, as he's been follower-less since day one :(

  3. I'm will Phil on this one!. 1 is definitely the most interesting for me but 4 as well. The forms sort of rise out of an ocean. Great work Tumo!

  4. Hi Tumo it's Mark. I like no 1 and no 15 as they have a sort of mystic quality to them. Although what you've done so far I think I'll agree with current consensus that maybe you should try less literal thumbnails. Its a good foundation, and when I did Despina I had thoughts of "It sounds like a ship/camel, but its not", a blend between a ship and a structure. The two I like best I think show off "is but isn't" best as they're more vague as to what they are.


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