Update 1.7 : Designing the Monster

A while back I posted the picture above with a comment saying that I didn't like it and that it felt generic. This ultimately lead to me having to get into the final villain's mind and try to understand what were the factors that drove them and why. 

What I got from looking into the main villain themselves is that they value beauty above all even in the look of their defense systems which is what I decided the monsters are.

The robots below are a defense system designed by a person who wanted to showcase the extent of their technological advancements while also keeping their main labs safe. This was achieved by creating something that would leave the viewer in awe at the majesty of the robots while leaving them unthreatened by their appearance.
ElectricRay: Pulses electricity to disable threats. Dispatched most frequently when the threat is human or it is worth retrieving it in one piece. 
StingRay:- Unit designed to eliminate all rogue mechs with its hybrid alloy sting. Main purpose is to keep and all technologies from escaping into enemy hands. Tail pulses with electricity which wipes all hard drives as well.

Above is a yet unnamed Ray. Designed as an assault unit to destroy and retrieve any and all threats to the security of the compound these Rays create larger electric pulses and have hybridised octopus and jellyfish tentacles that are able to hold humans and bots in a vegetative state for longer periods. 
Also above, an image of the Rays floating in a grand hall above a group of people.


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