Tired and weary I dragged my aching body across accursed barren lands to fall upon the
heels of the city Apochí. Contrary to its name though nothing about this city represents
abstention, instead I found a land backed in the perverse with building erected high into the
sky forcefully penetrating the emptiness that surrounded them. The air around this city was
thick and musty and surrounded me in its warm embrace as I slowly entered city. There
were no people in the city and it seemed nature had come to reclaim its land as lush dense
bush had begun to grow all over the city. Using the remainder of my energy I carved out a
path to try and make my way towards the centre. More phallic structures began to appear
the further I went into the city. Varying in shape and size some thin and long whilst others short and girthy,their variety in sizes only equaled by the number of colours they came in, ranging from turkey breast white to the darkest of onyx. I tried to avert my eyes. To my shock the ground was no better, the drains where the street water would be collected were ornately crafted and
designed each with its own statuette of a woman spreading her legs with her back arched
sensually. Truly this city knew no such word as abstinence. As I got closer to the centre
again the buildings began to change this time becoming more feminine in design, street
lamps grew breasts and the head of the lamp became more phallic in design ordinary building gained what i can only describe as mammorious bulges some looking to burden the building they were on whilst others so small you would barely notice them.  Mixed in with
the previous houses where now those that seemed gentler in design not so much
penetrating the sky as opposed to gently and softly parting the clouds to create their path to
the sky. Many of these new buildings also seemed to have and rather expectant bubbles in
them which more often than not created a sort of bubble that would encapsulate the front
door of the houses. In the distance I could faintly make out the form of what appeared to be
a large pair of breasts, I began heading further and deeper to find this structure but I was
soon confronted by yellow tape blocking off the area I wanted to go on the tape was the
fading image of a spider and beyond it was a part of the city that seemed to have fallen to
some sort of calamity the rubble still smouldering. I had to find another path.
As I approached the centre of the city it became blatantly obvious to be that the forms that
seemed like breasts where not stand alone features on a building but where part of a larger
building. This building towered above the rest, in a ways it resembled the form of a woman
crossed with a dog, but this ‘woman’ had six breasts all know overgrown with wild vines and slowly going to shambles. The building was also flanked by multiple large phallic buildings
directing the walker towards the pudenda of the woman hybrid building. As I approached the building i noticed the gold accents that the building had and how it wasn't truly shaped like a woman but rather a large female dog with over sized tites. It was then that i decided to leave for a city of this perverse nature must have had a biblical even occur upon it for it to no longer be inhabited. On my way out i noticed what seemed to be some sort of vehicles, but they were unlike any I had ever seen. Instead of wheels they had what seemed like obese crab legs and were the windshield would have been on a conventional car was instead replaced by a thick strap that went around the entirety of the vehicles vertical axis blocking the driver's view of forwards and back. These odd devices were all stacked up high on one side of the ‘Golden Bitch Building’. the eccentricities of this city would only escalate if I stayed within it any longer. So with that I said my goodbyes to this city.


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