OGR - 21/01/2015


  1. OGR 22/01/2015

    Hi Tumo,

    Firstly - I'm not hugely encouraged by your engagement as evidenced by your blog so far, Tumo - for example, no reviews, and a like-for-like storyboard presented very poorly - and this from someone who likes to draw and draws well! I want to see you up your craftsmanship, your productivity and your professionalism, Tumo - everything is just so half-arses at the moment! Sort it!

    The same goes for your story premise etc. Frankly, your story idea remains very opaque as presented here; it does seem too as if the 'Dentist's office' is playing no real part, and the significance of the umbrella is, as yet, not clear in terms of your premise.

    I want you to upload another OGR today/tomorrow in which you seek to articulate your story idea more robustly. I also want to see the quality of everything on this blog - published under your name to the entire world - dialled up. I thought I made myself pretty clear in your WIM feedback... get on message, Tumo and do it quickly!


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