Reflective statement

It's been a long three years, and honestly I’m amazed at my accomplishments this year. I know in the minor I said that this was the first time I allowed myself to be consumed by the course but I was wrong this was rather the first time I had allowed myself to be consumed by the subject matter. This is the year that I feel I had managed to truly define my own personal workflow for Maya and 3d modelling as a whole. Often times I look back on the work that I had produced in the previous years and compare it to the here and now and see a massive skill gap almost as if I was no longer the same person. That said even now I feel like there are things that I could improve upon, if I could I wish I’d devoted more time into the design of the 1920s bot as lore wise and gameplay wise I felt it was an awesome concept; however, in my opinion the artwork I had created for it just wasn’t strong enough to fulfil its fantasy and hold my attention, and if it couldn’t hold my attention as the creator it would surely fail to hold the attention of any audience I may attract to the overall project.  That said now with my new confidence in both starting low poly and in starting high poly I feel like I might have a better shot at creating something that has a lot more impact in its design. Looking even deeper it really isn’t the only one that I have quite a few design gripes with. Often times during the course of the major project I was critically analysing the modelling and rigging choices that I used to create Fey and how they could be massively improved to create the character that I know she can be. Initially I was proud of the work that I had created but soon after, when I took a step back, I realised that I still had a lot more room for improvement within the techniques that I had used and the design choices I had made. However while it might sound like I’m dogging myself for all my shortcomings, to me what I truly see is a massive improvement not necessarily only in my skill but in my decision making and my ability to create more fulfilled characters whilst also recognising the weak points in the design. In all honesty this course has shown me that it is only through negative feedback that I’m truly able to take a step back and really examine my own work, it’s my want to create pieces that amaze everyone and blow away the skeptics that really makes me want to better myself as not only a 2D artist anymore but a 3D artist as well now.


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