Adaptation B: Art post

the aim has been to create characters that have hope and promise within their views of the world (in a way that i am able to depict pictorially) but strip it all away form them.


  1. Something to consider - You're going to have to make these characters in Maya. Therefore should they be this realistic given your current skill level? Be careful that you're not setting up a situation your can't closer to your current abilities plus a small amount of room to improve.

  2. Hey Tumo :)

    Alan's right you know...


    Another gentle prod from me in regards to completing the UCA Internal Student Survey 2016. I don't like nagging, but unfortunately it's my solemn duty until your job is done :)

    Go here for the original post and a bit more info about the survey and why it's important to participate.

    They should have emailed your login details to your ucreative accounts, but if no email has arrived, or you're experiencing any kind of difficulty at all, please contact and they'll sort you out.

    When you've completed the survey leave a 'done it' comment on the original post - this is important - principally because it means I won't have to nag you anymore :)



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